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SIGIL training programmes

Practical participation

Sigil Corporate Training provides both open and bespoke experiential learning programmes for all levels of management, from supervisory to senior management and CEOs. Most courses are 2 to 3 days long, and prices include full accommodation and board.

Our programmes are run using lecture-style processes accompanied by practical physical exercises, backed up by analytical discussion of the outcomes of the tasks. Our aim is to take participants out of their ordinary environment and show them that they can be extraordinary both as individuals and as part of a well-knit, efficiently functioning team.

Sigil Corporate Training, we base our training on well-established principles such as Kolb’s Cycle of Experiential Learning, along with other tried and tested techniques. We'll gladly discuss details with you in an informal chat or in-depth discussion.

Open programmes

Sigil Corporate Training focuses on four main areas of development in particular:

TEAM DEVELOPMENT – bonding, building and developing

COMMUNICATION – language, style and interaction (with colleagues, customers, prospects and suppliers)

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT – management style, situations, effective solutions

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – leadership, change management, facilitation and motivation, equality and diversity

Bespoke programmes

We also build bespoke programmes for clients who require specific inputs and outcomes, involving either the above areas or other management skills such as mentoring, project management and strategic planning.

Call Lois Thomas on +44 (0)1887 820 100.

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