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SIGIL and your privacy

Woodland glen

How we treat your personal data

Protecting your personal data is an obligation we take very seriously. Below you will find more information about what we do and don't do with your data.

This website is administered by
Sigil Corporate Training and hosted by 1&1. The site is intended to provide you with information about Sigil's business activities and ethos. We do not gather information about you in any form other than as an IP address and browser type in our Internet access log. We do not store "cookies" on your personal computer, nor do we make any attempt to track your access of our site other than registering the number of hits on given pages by specific browser types (but not by individuals) through our Internet access log.

If you choose to submit information to us voluntarily, you may do so by e-mail. In no case do we encourage you to supply more information than is necessary to establish a business relationship, and at your request we will
immediately delete any such information that we may hold.

PLEASE NOTE that you cannot knowingly or unknowingly reveal personal information simply by accessing or browsing this website. In any case, we do not disclose personal or commercial information to third parties for commercial or other purposes without your explicit permission.

All personal data held by
Sigil Corporate Training is governed by the UK Data Protection Act of 1984 and subsequent amendments to the latter.

If you would like to receive regular e-newsletters from us with updates on our activities and services, please drop us a quick note.

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