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Size really doesn't matter...

No matter how large or small, an organisation's most important and valuable asset is its personnel.

Your biggest spend is usually on your staff: salaries, pensions, sick pay, maternity or paternity pay, national insurance, holiday pay, sick pay and so on. So from a common-sense commercial perspective, it makes sense that your business should get the best possible return on this asset. Or as our financial colleagues would say:
maximise your ROI (return on investment)!

Most of a business's balance-sheet assets - equipment, fixtures and fittings, buildings, stock and so on - are static. And most of them steadily depreciate in value over time. A few (given the right economic climate) will appreciate. But people can always turn in a better performance, regardless of the economic climate. Provided, that is, they are given the tools and incentive to do so.

Sigil Corporate Training, we know from decades of experience that people have untapped talents. Usually all that is needed is to show them how to unleash this potential and use it to create positive, productive behaviour patterns.

Sigil Corporate Training runs a number of residential programmes specifically designed to show managers at all levels how they can use new techniques to build behaviours that improve their own productivity and effectiveness, as well as that of their team.

We use experiential training methods alongside the more familiar tutorial-style sessions. Experiential training is about taking the theories out of the seminar room and applying them to real-world situations. These may range from solving a maze challenge to bridging a river. The value of these exercises lies in immersing individuals in an unconventional, challenging, direct experience. Research shows that the high sensory input and elevated levels of interaction both with colleagues and their environment causes participants to remember the lessons learned, rather than forgetting them once they get back to the office.

Many delegates start these programmes saying "I can't do that..." and end up saying "Yes, I can! What's next?" That's because we tailor our challenges to the skills and abilities of the course participants, aiming for a sense of lasting satisfaction and achievement. For more details, ring us on
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