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Inspirational management training in the heart of the Perthshire Highlands


Does your training deliver...?

... or do you find that although your delegates are excited for a few days after they return to work, they quickly slip back into old habits and behaviours?

Sigil Corporate Training is all about developing and delivering the highest standards of professional training. Sigil (from the Latin) originally meant seal or signet, but is now used to describe a magical sign: a symbol that is used to mobilise the unconscious mind to accomplish the desired outcomes of your conscious mind.

This dual association with reliability and behaviour-changing aspiration is what characterises our services and our relationships.

Training that does make a difference

The management training we provide at
Sigil Corporate Training can change working lives permanently for the better. Using a balanced combination of classroom and experiential training, we show you and your staff how you can achieve your desired outcomes.

This is what genuine experiential training is about a learning experience that can be taken back to the workplace and applied to everyday tasks in a consistent, sustainable way. Producing effective results that will last for longer than the week after the course. Our courses are designed to show participants how much more they can achieve through small changes or adjustments both in behaviour and in self-awareness.

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