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New change of date!
Yes, despite news of an economic downturn, we've actually been very busy, so we've had to defer our launch party once again to February of next year. We look forward to welcoming you all to a luncheon at the Kenmore Hotel in the New Year.

August 2008

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Lois Thomas
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Launch of new training company in the Perthshire Highlands

Sigil Corporate Training promises high-end management training in inspirational surroundings

At 12.00 p.m. on Friday 6 February 2009,
John Swinney MSP will be attending the launch of a new business venture in Highland Perthshire. Sigil Corporate Training is a management training specialist based at Camserney, by Aberfeldy, offering traditional management training courses combined with experiential training components. The company offers open or bespoke residential programmes lasting 2-3 days each. Sigil is taking full advantage of local expertise in outdoor educational activities, and has also partnered with local hotels to provide outstanding residential accommodation amidst some of Scotland’s most beautiful scenery. The launch will be hosted by the Kenmore Hotel on the shores of Loch Tay.

Although Sigil Corporate Training is a brand new company, the management team already have plenty of experience of corporate training in a wide variety of challenging environments. With 30 years of business experience under her belt, Lois Thomas has been a management consultant since 1991. Prior to that, she was a senior personnel manager for a publicly quoted company, director of personnel for a private company, and director of personnel for a forward-looking local authority. But as a qualified psychologist specialising in group dynamics, Lois has encountered some of her most challenging assignments while working as a consultant - for example facilitating an emergency strategic planning initiative for one of the UK’s leading institutes for professional translators and interpreters at a time when the institute was deeply divided.

Lois is a Chartered Member of the CIPD, and believes that the best management principles are based on pragmatism and common-sense, combined with excellent communication skills. Jargon may come and go – the underlying principles are the ones that work, whether they are called “operations analysis” or “business reengineering”. The same approach is followed by the company’s other director, Bill Maslen, who is an experienced manager, linguist and writer. His own experience of business analysis has been gained in close collaboration on communications strategies with predominantly German clients. He is a popular speaker at international conferences, and brings a highly analytical approach to bear on management challenges and commercial realities.

Sigil Corporate Training is not a provider of “spills and thrills” – there are already plenty of adventure specialists in Perth & Kinross! But effective, memorable management training is based on immersive experiences that involve the whole person. This does not mean “personal development through fear”, a crude approach sometimes favoured by companies that provide but do not specialise in management training. Self-actualisation as a manager and team member can only happen if the experience of meeting and surmounting challenges is positive, successful and fulfilling, which is why the experiential component of the training provided by Sigil is carefully tailored to the abilities of the participants.

Contact details:
You’ll find more information about Sigil Corporate Training on the website at To discuss programmes, you can ring us on 01887 820 100 or drop an e-mail to

Launch details:
The company launch will take place at 3.00 p.m. on Friday 19 September at the Kenmore Hotel, Kenmore.

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